You Could Go Somewhere Else But Why?

I was listening to a webinar in the car one day and my son asked if I was going to ask any questions. When I told him I didn't have any yet he said "Ask them if travel agents can go anywhere besides Mexico". I told him I know the answer to that question, so there's no need to ask the speaker.  

Me: "So do you think we go there too much?"  

"No, I just wondered.  I like it there and want to go back."  

LOL yep that son of mine is very good at the backhanded comments.  We are always wondering if he meant what he said the way it sounded.

Yes, we can go plenty of places (and we do), but always seem to come back to Mexico somehow. This year we did Disney World on Spring Break and came home exhausted.  My husband swore it was all my idea and we should've gone to an all-inclusive instead.  

 Every now and then we reassess why the allure is so strong, especially during the cyclical bouts of bad news.  Choices, value experience. The diversity of options can't be beat. From 5 star resorts, authentic haciendas, colonial cities, rustic jungle retreats.  Oh and the food...Yum!  Even the most expensive resorts are usually a better value than say, Hawaii. We can find an activity comparable to other areas without spending a whole day flying.  The world is huge and we'll slowly make our way around it, but even after years I still find new reasons to go back somewhere in Mexico.  Everyone usually has one place that captures their heart that way.  For one of my colleagues it's Thailand, another it's France; and we all wonder why in the world the other likes 'that place' so much!  

Los Cabos is Back!

Los Cabos is back!  80% of the hotels are ready for visitors with the rest expected to be finished by November.  With all the fresh renovations after the hurricane, it's a great time to revisit or discover this west coast gem.  Cabo San Lucas has long been a favorite for golfers and celebrities looking for luxurious resorts and nightlife.  There is plenty to do in the state of Baja California Sur besides binge at Carlos n Charlies, however.

 Sport fishing, whale watching, even camel safaris are just a few of the activities outside of the usual sun worshiping people think of in Cabo.  In San Jose del Cabo you'll find a quieter colonial atmosphere with seasonal art walks, shopping and fine dining.  Further up in bohemian Todos Santos there's the real 'Hotel California (go ahead and sing the chorus!) Then whale shark or sea lion snorkeling tours from La Paz. 

White Hoods Don't Mean The Same Thing in Mexico

Easter Procession In Bilbao

When I saw pictures of men in white hoods on my Instagram feed this morning, I had to do a double take.  The mild panic settled down quickly looking at the posters and realizing it was friends and colleagues posting from Mexico, not the US.  Whew, what a relief!  It's Good Friday processions, not the KKK.  

So what's the history behind the capirote?  The short of it is the white hoods originate from Semana Santa processions in Spain.  Their religious significance far precedes their adoption in the United States as a tool of terror in the American south.  Isn't it interesting that they chose a uniform from non-white Catholic traditions and one that arguably started as a symbol of humiliation and sinners mourning?  Learning about other cultures always teaches you something about your own.  Happy Easter 


For some great pictures of Semana Santa in Mexico, check out this photo gallery on  (I'm always linking there. Suzanne, the editor, is a wealth of knowledge!)  

More resources on Semana Santa in Spain.

Change the World By Exploring It

Have you seen this article on Brother Orange and Matt? In a nutshell, this guy gets his cell phone stolen in NY and ends up connecting to the eventual owner in China after his pics show up on the icloud. A couple of friends shared this on Facebook this Wednesday and I just loved it! It crystallizes what's wonderful about travel, cultural exchange and the Internet. I woke up a little weary that morning and really needed to read this.

I'm convinced if people spent more time talking TO each other instead of about or at each other we could transform the world. People who travel, try new foods, take some time to empathize with people unlike themselves always learn something along the way.  Social media has made it super easy to keep in touch with these new contacts. I'm always questioning how I'm contributing to a better world, how I can help others do the same. This is it. Get out there! Connect, grow, learn and inspire. We'll leave this place better than we found it together.  

What does Mexico beat Egypt AND Greece in?

Mexico archaeological sites

Well besides food in my opinion smiley  Did you know Mexico has MORE World Heritage Sites than Egypt and Greece?  You don't have to leave the continent to visit some fascinating archaeological sites.  With worthwhile destinations like Palenque, Guachimontones and Chichen Itza spread across the country it's easy to combine some pre-Hispanic history with colonial cities or beach time on your trip.  All it takes is a little expert planning!  


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