Day 3 of Travel Agent Awareness Week, and today it's all about specialty.  You may have noticed you see more travel professionals specializing in a specific type of travel than you did when brick and mortar travel agencies were the only way to book travel.  Nowadays there is an EXPLOSION of information out there, lots of tour companies that offer similar products.  What we really need to do as consultants now is get to know YOU and find the right fit.  

As I mentioned Monday, I typically sell Mexico, cruises and Caribbean all-inclusive resorts. I love to add some adventurous tours to even the most mundane vacation. Even if you're staying at the most Americanized resort possible in Cancun you can still take a day to visit Mayan archaeological sites. Go snorkel on the 2nd largest coral reef and be back by dinner time.

On cruises you have several opportunities to get to know different cultures. My clients skip the long cruise ship excursion lines and immerse themselves for a few hours with a local tour operator.


In the last few years I've developed more of an interest in soft adventure travel in off the beaten path destinations. I've found places that are profoundly unique yet still comfortable and welcoming. There's been such a distinction between travel and tourist and I really believe one is not better than the other. Just because so and so backpacked for month in hostels for $200 doesn't mean their experience was any more 'real' than yours if you chose a 4 star hotel. Would we say someone didn't experience America if they stayed at a top rated B&B in the mountains rather than a gritty hostel downtown? No they're all a segment of our society.  Lately 'grazers' have been the biggest influx of adventure travelers.  We may not be the adrenaline junkies, but want more from a trip than sun and sand.  

Travel On Purpose