If you've put off taking that trip, you hereby have permission to enjoy life.  I've noticed activists, caretakers and moms feel so bad taking good care of themselves first.  Rarely have I heard a man not in those roles call excusing their desire to vacation or waiting until they're absolutely at the edge to get away.  But oh the embarrassment from others! Disclaimers like  "oh I know it's expensive but I'm turning xx", "I haven't gone anywhere in x years", or "I can't leave the kids with the club..." Why? Maybe they feel spending money and time on themselves for pure enjoyment is a selfish thing or greedy because that time and energy could be spent on others.  We've heard the adage 1,000 times to put your own oxygen mask on first.  Yet I meet so many who deal with the worst of human behavior and problems on a daily basis, but haven't taken time away in forever. Even though we KNOW it at our core, it's still hard to implement.  When we take time to recharge it energizes ourselves and we have MORE to give not less.  Your kids and clients don't need you to be a 24/7 zombie going through the motions, they need a supercharged, creative engaged you.  Get away, gain some perspective and have more of you to give helps everyone.  If you really need an excuse, talk to me about organizing a group and brainstorm on the beach while you work.  

Travel On Purpose