Et tu Brute? That's how I felt explaining my value proposition to my 9 year old. He really likes this new tripadvisor commercial advertising how easy it is to book on their site. Something about that popping sound when they say "book!" gets him every time. So he asks me, "isn't that going to take away from you, mommy? They said they can get the cheapest price." 

What do you remember about your favorite trip? Now, how much did it cost? Of course he doesn't know, but you get the point. though online agencies will push price to the top of the list of deciding factors it really has nothing to do with the real reason why we travel; and what makes the most impact.  

He remembers bumping his head on a stalactite while snorkeling through a cave in Riviera Maya watching the divers emerge like fairies from underground tunnels far beneath the surface of the water. I remember dancing under the stars kissed by a warm Caribbean breeze after driving through a snowstorm to the port when we cruised sans kid for our 10th anniversary. 

Those are the moments that make a vacation, not the dollar signs and discounts. so no bud, I'm not worried at all. Do you really want cheap on a big vacation, or want your trip to be fun, easy to plan and stress free?  If there were no online booking sites I'd spend my days reserving hotels for road trips(where no one cares about the hotel, it's just a means to an end) instead of helping people plan awesome vacations.


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