AUM Foodie Retreat October 13th

AUM Foodie Retreat

Atlanta Underground Market goes on the road to the beautiful north Georgia Mountains October 13th - 15th!  What brings people together better than good food and company? Relax in majestic surroundings while getting up close with your favorite chefs from AUM.  Besides learning more about the cuisine through cooking classes, get to know the chefs' personal stories that make their food so special.  

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Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

Visit the majestic Copper Canyon from El Fuerte to Chihuahua.  We'll journey on the iconic 'Chepe' train, hike along the canyon rim and stop at the Divisadero Adventure park for the brave to conquer the longest, fastest zip line in the world.

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Veracruz Adventure

Veracruz Adventure on the Gulf Coast

Nature, Culture and History

October 17-24, 2015

Travel from the historic port city of Veracruz (featured on Dr. Henry Louis Gates' 'Black in Latin America') to off the beaten path towns for taste of authentic Mexico.  Learn about the unique 'River of Raptors' migration pattern on the way to an English style tented camp for whitewater rafting and other adventure activities.  This one is for the whole family!  

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Guadalajara and Tequila

Jalisco es Mexico

Journey to the Spirit Of Mexico

When you think of Mexico, most people see Tequila, Mariachi, great food and archaeological sites through their minds eye.  Join us in discovering the birthplace of Tequila and Mariachi on an unforgettable trip from Guadalajara.  Using boutique hotels and a hacienda as our home for the week, we'll visit distilleries, taste local foods and step back in time to pre-Hispanic Mexico at Guachimontones.

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