• Professional Service Fee
  • $250
  • Group Management Deposit*
  • $500
  • Cancellation Fee
  • $50 per person




When you need expert help bringing everyone together you've come to the right place.  Great Scott Getaways was founded by Kenya Scott to help families make the most of their vacation experience in Mexico and the Caribbean.  Her talent for listening to clients and recommending just the right fit coupled with award-winning service has led to a loyal client base and years of jaw dropping, inspired getaways .  Kenya's passion for new experiences led her to focus on cultural and soft adventure travel.

My Travel Philosophy

Travel should be an experience that expands minds and inspires change. I create journeys to Mexico and beyond that engage people in a deeper travel experience connecting to others through cultural exploration and discovering their own adventurous spirit with some unexpected activities. Changing the world is my ultimate mission by bringing people together. Imagine how many 'isms' we can eradicate by just sharing new experiences with each other. Imagine how different you will feel after pushing your boundaries and realizing you're stronger than you ever dreamed. You're never too old or young to try something new. That's why I think education and adventure go hand in hand. I took swimming lessons 3 times as an adult (seriously scared of the deep end) and worked my way up to snorkeling and rafting. Along the way I've met some fascinating people, realized I truly don't like zip lines and can never tire of a good meal and cocktail. No all-inclusive or cruise snobbery here! My first trip abroad to France in high school broadened my horizons so much that I think everyone needs to travel. The world needs more of us to see our small and at the same time immensely powerful place in it. If you're ready to bust that comfort zone, schedule your free consultation here


More Information

Great Scott Getaways charges a professional planning fee based on the complexity of your itinerary.

After your initial consultation, we require a non-refundable planning and research fee prior to presenting your price quotes. During your consultation we will discuss your time and budget constraints as well as your past travel experience to determine what cruise lines and/or destinations will suit you best.
You can rest assured that the recommendations we make for your getaway are personalized and not based on which supplier is offering the best agent perks. I work for you! While you can spend your precious weeks of free time trying to decipher the best 'sale' out there, you can't find me anywhere but here. I will always know you by name, respond promptly to questions and advocate on your behalf should there be an issue with your reservation. Booking direct with a supplier or mega agency online will not get you service like that! I decided to go into the travel business because I have a passion for new experiences, food and culture and love to share that with others. I do not aim to be the biggest, but definitely the best personalized travel service around.


Why does GSG charge fees?

I take the time to get to know your needs and charging a fee has evolved into the best way to ensure that level of customer service continues. As with many other professions, a fee agreement assures mutual trust. You know that I am always available to answer your concerns personally, and I know that my expertise and resources will not be given away free for a $5 discount on the web. And before you ask, you will find that our quotes are competitive with the big guys, so you can be comforted knowing you are getting a great value with superior service! It's not even necessary to book with an agency with customer service in Timbuktu to get a great vacation deal.
Of course you can find a good price, but do you know the true value of what you're booking? Maybe you don't realize that 'seaside deluxe' at one resort really means facing the road or that you're paying a higher cruise fare for that fabulous onboard credit. I have resisted charging fees for quite some time even though many travel agents moved to this type of business model long ago. I realized that spending weeks quoting and changing a client's reservation only to lose it to a $5 discount on Expedia was not the best use of my time and unfair to loyal clients.
I decided that to continue to do what I love it was necessary to stop competing based simply on price and focus on consumers who place a greater value on their own time. After all, you can sell your house, do your own taxes and divorce these days if you really want to with free info on the web, bust most people don't. I definitely do not want to stop you if you love to search on your own, but there's no point in us competing against each other. For those who already know the particular ship and itinerary or tour you are interested in and simply desire the personal attention of a local travel consultant to book your cruise 50% of your fee will be applied toward final payment. The fees cover our time in researching, planning and managing the details of your vacation.


Explanation of Individual Fees 

Service Fee 

The professional service fee applies to all individual vacation reservations regardless of the number of people in your party. Instead of charging a percentage of your price or a per person fee, I prefer to keep it simple and affordable.

Group Management Deposit

The group fee applies to reservations of 5 rooms or more at a resort or 8 cabins on a cruise ship. The fee is higher based the complexity of negotiating group rates with suppliers, examining contracts and ensuring compliance within the group. This requires considerably more effort than individual reservations.
If you're planning a destination wedding, family reunion or group trip a travel professional is irreplaceable! You want one point of contact who knows you by name, not your reservation number. Planning for groups can be a tedious and stressful process that can sometimes bring out the worst in your family and friends. (Who knew Aunt Sue's room has to be close to the casino or Cousin Joe will only fly at night?) These trips are supposed to be about making new memories not fights. Do yourself a favor and leave the planning to us!

 Airline Ticketing

As a vacation travel specialist I rarely book airline only reservations. I prefer to let you know where you can find the best air prices if you’re booking a vacation. Many times the best deals are part of vacation package from a tour company; sometimes it may be less expensive to book directly with the airline. I have provided a fee for this service for the few who absolutely hate to book their own tickets.

Travel On Purpose